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UL certification - 2 hr fire rated for the FRAMECAD's flooring system

Dedicated to performance; FRAMECAD's webbed joist floor assembly is now UL certified for a 2hr fire-rating


2 hr UL fire rated FRAMECAD floor assembly-671058-edited

Looking for the most certified construction system in the world?

FRAMECAD systems and assemblies are tested and certified for construction all around the world.

Dedicated to performance and providing the construction market with the most relevant solutions; FRAMECAD is proud to announce H515 UL Fire Rated Assembly for Cold Formed Steel Web Joist Flooring Systems. Suitable for use in mid-rise buildings, multi-family residential, mix-use residential and commercial buildings wherever a 2-hour fire rating is required. 

As the most trusted and recognized source of certification for fire-rated assemblies; you'll be assured that FRAMECAD web-joist assemblies will perform to the highest of standards and provide you with confidence that your project will be compliant with the local codes. 

 Design No. H515



1. Nom. 3/4" Thick Structural Cement Fiber board and 3/4" Floor Topping Mix  3. 3-1/2" Thick Glass Fiber Batt Insulation

or Nom. 3/4" Thick Structural Cement Fiber board with ¼” thick Gypsum Board underlayment.

4. Cold Formed Steel Resilient Channels 

2. FRAMECAD webbed joist, minimum 12 in. deep, spaced a max of 24 in. OC.

5. 5/8" Thick Gypsum-board                               


FRAMECAD recommend downloading a copy of the UL Documentation outlying the complete details of the assembly, alternatively our FRAMECAD customers can access the CAD Drawings from the Knowledge Centre inside MyFRAMECAD.


UL Documentation Knowledge Centre


The construction market worldwide demands certified and code compliant products. FRAMECAD continuously ensures that we introduce innovative solutions with certifications to satisfy our international clients located in over 118 countries.

Global Certifications
In addition to the UL certifications, FRAMECAD also holds a number of other global accreditations, including:

CE intertek


Independently certified by the world’s most recognized and accredited quality assurance systems; FRAMECAD cold-formed steel manufacturing systems and it's components can be confidently implemented in construction projects around the globe.

Would you like to learn more about certifications and how important it is in your market, talk to one of our experts today.

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