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Video: LGS + Earthquake testing

You may have wondered how LGS framing copes in an earthquake, and now thanks to recent seismic testing we were shown just how impressively it does respond.

In the video below, we show you how NASH NZ (National Association of Steel-framed Housing NZ) commissioned full-scale table shaking tests to investigate how brick veneer on LGS framing responds during seismic activity of varying strengths. The tests were conducted at the University of Melbourne on a test house developed to model the behavior of a real home in an earthquake.

Watch the video below to see for yourself just how well LGS framing responds during earthquake testing and how suitable it is for use in seismic regions.

(For a full explanation of the test environment, watch from the beginning of the video. To jump ahead to the shaking, skip to 3.20mins. For conclusions, skip to 5.20mins)

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The US Navy & FRAMECAD Mobile Factory: Transforming humanitarian assistance

FRAMECAD are revolutionising disaster relief construction through the development and supply of FRAMECAD Mobile Factory – a LGS mobile solution that offers a faster and more resilient method of construction than what has been traditionally used. It’s a completely secure, self-contained steel frame roll-forming production facility that can be located anywhere needed, especially in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

The US Navy are harnessing the impact that FRAMECAD Mobile Factory has on their ability to provide more effective and efficient disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. Watch our video below to hear directly from the crew how they find working with the LGS mobile factory.

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Video: Insider tips on how to construct using LGS framing

You may have considered working with LGS in your construction projects but haven’t been quite sure how it all comes together.

In the video below, we give you an overview of the LGS method of construction and some best-practice tips for success. As you may be aware, an important benefit of LGS construction is accuracy and we explain how this goes hand in hand with well-planned construction preparation.

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Real life success: the story of a FRAMECAD customer

Australia-based MAXISPAN design and engineer steel frames, trusses and floor panels using the latest LGS technologyFRAMECAD software and equipment.

MAXISPAN work with the residential construction industry (they are able to service large and small home building companies, as well as owner-builders), as well as with the commercial construction industry. And as an LGS manufacturer they are able to work with builders using an integrated process to design and build to their requirements.

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Hear first-hand why builders choose to work with LGS

More and more builders are using LGS in their construction, giving us a great opportunity to hear directly from builders on the job, on how they are finding working with it and why they have made the switch to LGS. Who better to give you advice on using the product, than a builder who knows the what to look for and has seen the performance themselves?

Topics: Case Studies, Videos & Webinars

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