Con FRAMECAD Structure podrás eficientar el proceso de diseño y construcción gracias a la integración del software Revit con BIM.

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Nov 21, 2017 9:37:13 AM

Con la última versión de FRAMECAD Structure, el sistema de diseño y el intercambio de información de construcción a través de BIM se hace más fácil, más rápido, más integrado y más seguro, lo que podría representar, en proyectos de acero conformado en frío, reducir el tiempo de detallado del acero hasta en un 80%.

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Watch the FRAMECAD Structure webinar recording today

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Jul 27, 2017 5:39:14 PM

FRAMECAD® Structure is a comprehensive detailing and design software package with advanced computer-aided engineering capabilities. 

This fast, yet accurate software delivers real time engineering calculations as the designs are created,and can produce over 25,000 calculations per square meter of roof and walls in seconds; a task which would take days, or potentially weeks, if done manually.

With the webinar recording, you will be able to learn all about FRAMECAD Structure with a full demonstration on how to detail and engineer a G+1 residential project using the software.

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Discover the latest FRAMECAD® Structure 8.1.8 release

Posted by FRAMECAD on Apr 4, 2017 11:37:45 AM

With FRAMECAD's continuous improvement philosophy, we work every day to develop new software features to better satisfy every market need.

The latest FRAMECAD® Structure 8.1.8 release has been launched to improve your design experience and fully comply with most design codes around the world.

New Software releases are regularly developed by the FRAMECAD team and they are free of charge as a part of the FRAMECAD Software licence.

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FRAMECAD Structure offers Revit & BIM Software Integration

Posted by FRAMECAD on Jun 1, 2016 2:30:00 PM

What’s new in this release?

FRAMECAD® Structure offers Revit & other BIM Software Integration and plenty more new features!

By Developing BIM compatibility functions (IFC and ACSI (SAT) file formats ), the New FRAMECAD® Structure Release offers a direct interface developed to Revit and other BIM software such as Archicad, Vector Works, Solid Works, TEKLA and many CAD packages.

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