Con su nueva versión, la TF550H se convierte en la mejor opción para construir edificios de media altura.

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Oct 18, 2017 4:31:00 PM

Descubra el FRAMECAD TF550H actualizado con su nuevo diseño que permite un ensamblaje más fácil y eficiente de acero conformado en frío (CFS) de calibre 2 mm o de calibre 14. 

El sistema TF550H utiliza la tecnología patentada FRAMECAD® para proporcionar un diseño inteligente, ingeniería y proceso de fabricación. El sistema FRAMECAD® se integra con el software de diseño BIM que incluye REVIT y TEKLA. La inteligencia y los conocimientos integrados en el software de diseño de FRAMECAD® Structure permiten un diseño con ingeniería de valor para maximizar la ganacia y las técnicas de construcción.

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With its new swage, the TF550H becomes the best choice to construct mid-rise buildings

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Oct 5, 2017 5:00:04 PM

Discover the upgraded FRAMECAD TF550H with its newly designed swage which enables easier and more efficient assembly of 2mm or 14 gauge Cold Formed Steel (CFS). The TF550H is the ideal solution for mid-rise construction.

The TF550H System uses FRAMECAD® patented technology to provide a smart and lean design, engineering and fabrication process. The FRAMECAD® System integrates with BIM design software including REVIT and TEKLA. Intelligence and know-how built into FRAMECAD® Structure design software enables value engineered design to maximise both profitability and robust building techniques.

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Topics: FRAMECAD, Light Gauge Steel Construction, Cold Formed Steel, off-site manufacturing, TF550H, Mid Rise buildings

Why off-site construction is becoming an inevitable choice

Posted by FRAMECAD on Mar 20, 2017 4:47:56 PM

Globally there’s an urgent need for rapid construction in order to keep up with the population boom. The UK is no exception to this and incentives are being put in place by the UK Government to address this issue.

In fact, as recently as October last year, UK Industry Minister Jesse Norman was quoted as saying:

“This Government is determined to support more housebuilding, more quickly and in the places people want to live. Given the launch of the £3 billion Home Building Fund, Mark Farmer’s important review in this vital sector is very timely. It makes a strong case for change in the industry, identifies areas where it needs to improve, and sets out areas for action. We will now carefully consider his recommendations.”

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