The World of Modular, 2018, Hollywood

The World of Modular, 2018

Come join us at the 35th Annual World of Modular, taking place from March 22nd – 25th in Hollywood, Florida at The Diplomat Beach Resort. The tradeshow and convention is hosted annually by the Modular Building Institute (MBI).


Modular Building Institute is the leading trade association for the global modular construction industry, connecting developers, architects, owner/developers, suppliers, and other insiders. Their conventions are designed for members to learn from each other, share ideas, and discuss new technologies. MBI also seek to promote the future of modular construction, offsite building techniques through education and recognition of exceptional building projects.


FRAMECAD, as a proud member of MBI, is pleased to have a presence at this year’s event and will be pleased to meet you on the FRAMECAD stands 119 & 121

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Why World of Modular takes place


World of Modular will be a time to network with modular construction professionals from across the globe and share new insights and business processes, setting the stage for the future of the modular trends in construction.


At the event, various companies and organizations on the cutting-edge of modular building techniques (FRAMECAD among them) will be presenting.


A wide range of market sectors will be represented, namely healthcare, hospitality, government, academia and more. The ‘green’ and time-saving advantages of modular over traditional building methods will be discussed, as well as the harmony of high-quality modular construction with energy efficiency, net zero building, and LEED standards.


What is modular construction?


Modular construction involves building with individual, functional prefabricated units called ‘modules’ that are built offsite. In many cases, these modules can be built with plumbing, electrical, and interior furnishings intact, and are made to interlock. Modules are then transported to site for stacking by heavy machinery.


Modular building can be employed both in the case of temporary construction needs, such as showrooms or portable classrooms, or in the case of permanent modular construction (PMC).


Modular projects are built to code in any location where the method is feasibly used, and the final product is essentially equal to a traditional building in terms of real property value.


Modular comes with the potential advantages of cost savings, improved worker safety, shorter time to completion, enhanced quality control, and greater energy efficiency. To learn more about our Top 7 benefits of modular construction, click here.


Why modular building is accelerating in popularity


A primary reason for the growth of modular construction is shorter project timelines.


Traditional building procedures demand that, after the design and planning phase and once all necessary permits are obtained, a long and protracted building process begins, with the ground-breaking and foundational work necessarily preceding all other aspects of construction.


Modular construction introduces a logical, yet fundamental change in the process. Construction and foundational work can happen at the same time. As onsite operations take place, quality-controlled modules are built at an offsite facility.


This alone can reduce time to completion by 30-50%. The time savings, and associated reduction of risk and costs, help account for the massive global adoption of modular in both the private and public sector, as well as the billions of dollars spent on modular activity over the past 7 years. 


We at FRAMECAD would love to meet you at World of Modular. We are glad that MBI continues to host this event after 30 years, to help move the industry forward. We are also excited to present our proprietary design-led process using Cold Formed Steel (CFS) to create and supply ideal components for modular projects.


Book a meeting time to talk about the rapid growth of modular and your construction projects with the FRAMECAD team on the stands 119 & 121.


We look forward to meeting you soon.



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