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The US Navy & FRAMECAD Mobile Factory: Transforming humanitarian assistance

FRAMECAD are revolutionising disaster relief construction through the development and supply of FRAMECAD Mobile Factory – a LGS mobile solution that offers a faster and more resilient method of construction than what has been traditionally used. It’s a completely secure, self-contained steel frame roll-forming production facility that can be located anywhere needed, especially in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

The US Navy are harnessing the impact that FRAMECAD Mobile Factory has on their ability to provide more effective and efficient disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. Watch our video below to hear directly from the crew how they find working with the LGS mobile factory.


Hearing from the crew

The video above is a fantastic example of how the ease and convenience of LGS construction is being embraced to hugely improve humanitarian assistance efforts.

Brian Steckler of the US Naval Postgraduate School in California, is evaluating their use of FRAMECAD Factory technology. In the above video, he and several members of the Navy construction team explain how LGS is changing the face of humanitarian assistance construction, especially in areas where finding traditional materials such as wood, is often a problem.

One crew member, Ricky Harris, Science &Technology Manager, doesn’t mince words and has a great summary of how older methods have struggled to meet modern needs.

 “…we’ve been using what we call Flintstone technology to do Jetsons work.”

Check out the inspiring and eye-opening video above about technology enabling construction methods to catch up to demands, and to be used to really make a difference, on a global scale.


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