Say "goodbye" to project delays and revisions

Posted by FRAMECAD on Apr 20, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Say "goodbye" to project delays and revisions

When getting a new building project off the ground, delays caused by engineering reviews and revisions are inevitable. Or are they? 

There is a better way; the FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel intelligent software suite.

As you take your project though design, pre-engineering, drafting and engineering phases, there are multiple points at which revisions will be made.

Those revisions can impact engineered elements of the building, requiring the attention of engineering consultants. Not knowing when the engineering revisions will be approved can be frustrating. It also drives up cost.

FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Design and Engineering software allows you to sidestep these issues.

Real time adjustments

FRAMECAD Structure, is a computer aided design (CAD) solution which performs engineering calculations as you design the building. Make a change to design, and the engineering calculations are automatically amended (at a pace of around 25,000 calculations per second, FRAMECAD Structure is faster than any engineer we know. It’s also accurate and instant

Using FRAMECAD Structure, design changes don’t present the headache they are traditionally known for. If, (or when) things change during the approval process, the cost of the amendments is minimized.

At the same time, FRAMECAD Structure automatically ensures that your project complies with your local building code; no need to wait for the engineer to run his ruler over it before moving on to the next phase.

Preparing your designs for the real world

FRAMECAD Detailer, as the name implies, takes your designs and adds the finishing touches, preparing to move your project into the ‘build’ phase.

FRAMECAD Detailer equips operators to review the engineered design files, provides ‘virtual walkthrough’ visualization, allowing draftspeople to check details and optimise the design where necessary , thus eliminating on-site correction time.

The FRAMECAD Detailer software covers the detailing of the component parts, as well as the generation of shop drawings to be used by the production team to carry out the initial phase of construction with ease.

Finally, FRAMECAD Detailer outputs a file which is read by the Cold Formed Steel manufacturing equipment-  readying your project up project for the manufacturing phase.

The bottom line

With automated engineering in FRAMECAD Structure, your engineering input is substantially reduced and along with that, the costs of design fall significantly too.

Automating your construction processes delivers two significant competitive advantages which all construction-based customers appreciate: lower cost and faster project delivery.


To learn more about the advantages of FRAMECAD Software, and investigate the possible project and business gains for your company, read more here

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