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Real life success: the story of a FRAMECAD customer

Australia-based MAXISPAN design and engineer steel frames, trusses and floor panels using the latest LGS technologyFRAMECAD software and equipment.

MAXISPAN work with the residential construction industry (they are able to service large and small home building companies, as well as owner-builders), as well as with the commercial construction industry. And as an LGS manufacturer they are able to work with builders using an integrated process to design and build to their requirements.


A closer look

In the video above, Craig Fleming, General Manager of MAXISPAN, walks us through their plant in South Australia. Watch as their team of 20 designers, engineers and assemblers, each work on areas of the construction process and the set-up of a LGS manufacturing facility. They provide a perfect real-world example of the integration between design and manufacture, all performed in house, under the same roof.

Craig explains how MAXISPAN offers builders a wide range of benefits, including residential and commercial supply and erect services, and fixed price quoting, pointing out that they’re also able to offer a 50-year warranty on their product.

Craig tells us that there has never been a better time for builders to give working with steel frames and trusses a go, as they have recently invested in the very best LGS technology with FRAMECAD.


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