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How does design-led construction differ from traditional construction methods?

How does design-led construction differ from traditional construction methods?


Why are design-led construction methods emerging as the most efficient methods of construction the world over?

We answer that question in our new eBook ‘Leading By Design: The Benefits of FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Construction’, we demonstrate how design-led building differs from traditional methods. The fundamental difference is the integration of sophisticated software, which streamlines and connects every step of the design and build process.

Design-led building methodology enables companies to shift skills and expertise upstream and accelerates engineering and building authority approvals, while delivering outputs which allow for the pre-manufacture of construction components in CFS. Those components are shipped to site for rapid assembly, reducing the need for skilled labor onsite.

The automation introduced by design-led construction processes offers design and build accuracy, and critically reduces delays in engineering processes as multiple phases of changes and revisions are no longer required.

Design-led building also guarantees aspects every project manager is likely to appreciate: accuracy and predictability. Predictability of costs and predictability of timelines, making the goal of ‘on time, on budget’ achievable for every project.

More automation and more certainty throughout all aspects of the construction process means a significant competitive advantage, with fit-for-purpose buildings delivered faster. That means smoother and faster construction projects, higher quality buildings and improved return on investment for you and your customers.

To find out more about the advantages of the design-led approach to modern construction, and how the FRAMECAD CFS system will drive ROI and value for your business, download our free eBook ‘Leading By Design: The Benefits of FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Construction'

Leading by Design eBook

FRAMECAD is a global leader in steel framing construction. Our network of relationships incorporates industry leaders, communities and building authorities, around the world.

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