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Hear first-hand why builders choose to work with LGS

More and more builders are using LGS in their construction, giving us a great opportunity to hear directly from builders on the job, on how they are finding working with it and why they have made the switch to LGS. Who better to give you advice on using the product, than a builder who knows the what to look for and has seen the performance themselves?


In the video above, we hear from a professional builder about his experience with LGS. He tells us how now that he has given it a go, and is familiar working with it, the process has become easy. And in fact, he now prefers to use LGS over his previous, traditional methods of construction.

In the video, we learn about the accuracy that the professional builder gets from LGS. With the straightness of the steel, when it arrives to site it isn’t twisted or warped in any way, reducing a lot of valuable time for his team.

He tells us how this factor, combined with LGS being very light weight, means two people can simply lift up a long frame, pass it around and up multi-story buildings with no problem, and set it in place. This is a huge advantage over traditional methods when you’re working on tall buildings, and everything needs to be taken from the ground up. As a professional builder always looking for ways to make things simpler, safer and more time efficient, this is a real draw-card.


Want to find out more about the advantages of LGS as a construction method and in particular, how the FRAMECAD System will drive ROI and value for your business? Download our eBook for free today.

Whether you’re already considering LGS systems for a specific project or are considering establishing a LGS manufacturing or construction business, talk to a FRAMECAD expert today.

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