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Join FRAMECAD at Ghana Build Tradeshow from 19 to 21 of November

The growth of infrastructure and development in an emerging country like South Africa may requires the construction industry to shift from traditional methods of construction to modern techniques in order to improve productivity and enhance performance.

In this developing industry, it is important for construction companies to be efficient and accurate in their techniques. Adopting new Construction Automation Technologies and implementing versatile materials like Cold Formed Steel (CFS) are providing innovative organisations with greater return on investment and a competitive advantage in the market.

A global leader in Cold Formed Steel Technology; FRAMECAD have introduced the world to a end-to-end design lead methodology that delivers: 

  • Improved quality and speed of construction
  • Design flexibility and environmental performance
  • Faster return of investment 
  • Less skilled labour for shorter periods of project time

Take the difficulty out of choosing your Cold Formed Steel system and learn more about FRAMECAD's advanced solution to accelerated and accurate construction.

Come and join FRAMECAD at Ghana Build:


at Ghana Accra International Trade Fair Center

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Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction

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