Discover how Dynamic Steel Frame constructed Australia’s largest LGS apartment building

The construction industry can be conservative. But no one told that to Dynamic Steel Frame, who now hold the honour of having constructed the largest light-gauge steel (LGS) three storey apartment building in Australia using the FRAMECAD System. Located in the inner-western suburb of Yarraville, Melbourne, this three-level residential building illustrates how LGS is changing today’s approach to construction.
With a floor area of 3200sqm and a total of over 80 tonnes of steel used, the Zinnia Apartments are comprised of 39 one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Load-bearing Light Gauge Steel frames the entire building, ranging in thickness from 1.00 to 0.75, and structural steel is only used as support for balconies and complex architectural roof overhangs. Apartments are framed with roof and floor joist trusses, which land on load bearing walls created from LGS sections. The three levels rise to a reasonably complex roof structure, requiring multiple head heights to be maintained across multiple falls throughout the top floor. 

To know more on how Dynamic Steel Frame successfully conducted Australia's largest residential construction project - the Zinnia Apartments, read our case study by clicking here and/or watch the time lapse video below.



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