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Business Insights Made Easy

FRAMECAD has launched a new online application – My Production – in MyFRAMECAD, which makes production data easy to understand, and easy to gain insight from. 

My  Production gives you the data and insights to increase your production output, reduce downtime, improve workforce capacity, and increase efficiency – from anywhere in the world. 

My Production lets you track key production metrics of your FRAMECAD manufacturing system such as:

Total production

Production rate

Total operating efficiency

Total tool count

Total downtime

Downtime by Reason and more… 

My Production allows you to see trends as they develop, and make informed business decisions based on the insights you’re seeing. You can choose to compare key metrics like operator id, coil id or two manufacturing systems to see how they’re tracking against each other. 

If you have a current FRAMECAD software license and your machine is online, you have free access to MyProduction. 

For more information on MyProduction, contact us. 

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