A special video message of thanks from Mark Taylor, our CEO

Posted by FRAMECAD on Oct 5, 2017 11:03:00 AM

Our CEO and founder Mark Taylor would like to thank you, via video, for your interest in steel frame design and manufacturing technology. 

Over the past six weeks our latest ebook “The Endless Possibilities of Cold Formed Steel Applications” has been downloaded 760 times!

We’re thrilled with this response and think the eBook is a superb demonstration of the phenomenal versatility and forward thinking nature of Cold Formed Steel construction. Not only does it provide real life case studies, it uses stunning illustrations to show how CFS is applied on a range of building applications across the globe. 

For the last 30 years FRAMECAD has been committed to developing the leading technology for computerised design, engineering, manufacturing and the construction of steel frame structures. With over 500 years combined industry experience, the FRAMECAD team have helped set the standard for quality and productivity in the construction industry.

Beginning in 1987 Mark initially saw a gap in the market to develop steel framed building construction. Starting as technical consultants in the Oceania region, by 1995 we had opened to international markets including North America and the Middle East. Today we work out of 14 offices worldwide while supporting people in 116 countries, along with staff that speak more than 30 languages. A strong understanding of local markets which has allowed us to carve out a niche in places like the Middle East.

From originally providing consultancy and support to becoming an integrated set of intelligent software and manufacturing systems, we provide an end-to-end design and build solution for CFS construction

Whatever your professional project or business model, CFS can work to meet your construction goals and objectives.

Contact a FRAMECAD expert to learn how we can be a success on your projects.

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