Drastically reduce your coil changes over time with the new FRAMECAD Twin Head Decoiler

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Nov 14, 2017 1:51:34 PM

With the launch of the FRAMECAD Twin Head Decoiler, FRAMECAD offers you an additional solution to increase your productivity.

The FRAMECAD Twin Head Decoiler will enable you to always have a spare steel coil loaded on the decoiler which drastically reduces the change over time of coils as there is one pre-loaded. This means almost no down time in between coils which results in an increased production output.


Twin Head Decoiler

 The FRAMECAD system use patented technology to provide a smart and lean design, engineering and fabrication process.  The FRAMECAD┬« System integrates with BIM design software including REVIT and TEKLA. Intelligence and know-how built into FRAMECAD┬« Structure design software enables value engineered design to maximise both profitability and robust building techniques. FRAMECAD┬« has proven to be the most cost efficient way to operate in the steel frame industry.

Talk to a FRAMECAD expert to learm nore about the features and benefits of the new FRAMECAD Twin Head Decoiler.

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